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Since I was twelve years old, I started teaching myself various skills online. Countless hobby-projects later, using shell Script, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Python and JavaScript, editing photos and videos, rendering 3D objects and teaching skills to others, I have become a professional freelancer.
Now, I specialise in automation projects, DevOps and holding workshops.

Software Developer, Instructor & Student.

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  • Current Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Degree: Master in International Management/CEMS (ongoing)
  • University: University of Economics and Business Vienna / Copenhagen Business School
  • Expected Graduation: October 2022


My excellent academic results combined with my extracurricular activities prove my ability to work independently and professionally. Here are some fancy graphs to show that.

Ability to work in a team
Ability to work independently
Analytical skills
Software Development Skills
Teaching skills
Ability to adapt


Numerous entrepreneurial activities as well as (partly self-taught) skills in various fields demonstrate that I am a highly self-motivated and proactive person that quickly adapts to new challenges.


Vienna University of Economics and Business / Copenhagen Business School

since 2020

International Management (M.Sc.) / CEMS Master (MIM)

Vienna University of Economics and Business

2017 - 2020

Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Specialised in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Strategy & Data

  • Graduated among the top 10% of all students within my cohort
  • Member o the WU Top League

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Exchange semester within the WU exchange program

Motueka High School, New Zealand

2014 - 2015

Year abroad during my penultimate year in high school


Seminar Host for Python programming workshops

since 2020

Self-initiated, prepared and held accredited one to 2-day seminars for universities and other institutions, teaching vital basic skills on Python programming.

Entrepreneurship Avenue 2020

2020 (5 months)

Organising a series of events for ~2000 students. Responsible for digitalisation of the event to an all-online platform within a few weeks.

Swim Coach

2005 - 2019

Member as certified swim coach, as well as active competitive swimmer until 2018

Professional Experience

Founder of SARA (in Development Phase)

since 2019

Creating a completely new way on how to experience artworks using hardware and software elements.


  • Winner of the Future Founders Challenge 2019
  • Winner of the AWS First Startup Training 2020

PerfXWeb – Self-employed software developer

Since 2016
  • Focusing on backend automation processes, monitoring systems and data aggregation for SMEs.
  • Using Python/PHP/Mysql algorithms as well as basic deep neural networks.

NOVID20, Vienna

2020 (5 months)

Honorary work as a software and strategy consultant for a startup fighting COVID19

  • Establishing a company structure for an agile team of over 80 contributors
  • Facilitated communication channels with stakeholders and governments.

Schöllerbank AG, Vienna

2017 (1 month)

Summer job as an office assistant


No matter whether you want to collaborate based on a freelance contract, equity-based contract, part-time position or an internship, I am open for any kind of work. Just reach out to me!

Process Automation

In my freelance work I specialise in automating processes with software. Specifically I use Python, MySQL and PHP for all kinds of automation.

Data Science / ML

Not only have I learnt extensive analytical skills while programming but I have also specialised in and taken several university courses on Data Science and Machine Learning.

Business Development

My studies and experiences from three different universities underlines my knowledge in international business.

Product Management

Having acquired both management skills as well as software development abilities, I can perfectly combine my knowledge in a (supporting) product management role.

Programming Workshops

I have held several workshops in both german and english for students as well as senior employees. The "Python Crash Course" enables a smooth and interactive entry into object-oriented programming.

Full-Stack Programming

Frankly, my versatility in terms of programming skills enables me to work on any software development project. To find out more check out my company website PerfXWeb.

Freelancing Facts

Detailed documentation and tracking of all my projects is one of my priorities. As a nice side effect, I can show accurate numbers of my freelance work hours.

Happy Clients since 2017

Projects and workshops held

Working Hours invested in freelancing in 2020.

Colleagues that I closely work with.

Freelancing Portfolio

For a detailed portfolio, check out


If my resume has not convinced you, let others do that for you.

Participated in a digital version of [his] workshop during lockdown, and can strongly recommend it also to anyone outside of Austria. Remote coaching done right. Elegant and intuitive, eye opening to be flowing through the digital format instead of wrestling with it for a change. Well done and good luck Matthias.
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TorbjØrn Sandmo

Student & Workshop participant

(Evaluating another course) Matthias Hausberger [...] with his wonderful neurological-deep-learning-stockfish-cancer-curing-terminator model with 140% accuracy. That's right, his model not only predicts which companies are commiting fraud but also makes them immediately good. [Professors] saying that coding experience was not a big advantage during this course was the biggest lie in the history of mankind...

Christian Hernandez

Fellow student & Workshop participant

There is no one else that I would rather want to work in a software development team. Matthias' professionality and expertise really elevate all of your projects beyond our cusomter's expectations.

Dario Spoljaric

PerfXWeb Partner


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